Officially, Reporting to Duty

Back to reality! My marine has left and now it is just me and the two dogs. This leaves me with a lot of time to write, craft, shop, clean and be creative in all aspects of my life. When he kissed me good-bye and gave me the last hug before he left, I knew that I could not cry. Instead of crying, I looked at the next two weeks as an opportunity for myself to grow.

When a couple is together they often forget who they are as individuals. While my marine was recruiting we were able to grow as a couple and learn how we can make our relationships grow. There were not many nights that we spent apart, and often we were able to spend many special moment together. However, now we are back to field operations, training trips and possible deployments. However, I must understand that this is his job and now I need to decide what I need to do to help myself grow as a person.

This morning I woke up made myself a double cup of Gevalia coffee in my giant Starbucks mug, cut myself a piece of homemade banana bread and sat in the silence. Instead of thinking of how much I miss my Marine I decided to pop in old episodes of Laguna Beach and write. I than began to reminisce on all the other fabulous places that we have had the opportunity to live. San Diego, Chicago, Tennessee and now North Carolina. Right now I am not thinking that North Carolina is that fabulous. Actually, I hate it and I often think about leaving. However, as you know we all have to stick with our Marines (even though it may feel terrible). I know that the ocean is close, but shopping, treasure finding and the people are not that great. I do not mean to be negative, and I hope that eventually I will adapt. However, since I have been here our neighbors have snooped in our back yard and been angry about our fire pit that has yet to be used. Was angry with my Marine, because he took her the mail we received in our mail box. Then another neighbor yelled at me and our two dogs (a shiatsu and teacup multipoo), because they wanted to play with their dog.

Now because we feel like we are being constantly watched and unappreciated I keep our dogs in the back yard at all other times while they are outside, we never light our fire pit, but for some reason we continue to wave to our neighbors, speak to them and take them their mail. Initially I was bitter about their behaviors, but I just keep telling myself that I cannot change their behaviors. Maybe this makes me a better person, but I am only doing it because it makes me feel better.

Ok, well now it is time for me to clean up my Marines gear that he left out on the floor and then take care of myself. Hope ya’ll have a great day!

Signing out,

Marine wife reporting to duty!!!


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