Fashionista, Reporting to Duty!

Today, when I woke up it was 53 degrees. If “y’all” live in the south you know that this is a unique temperature. If you don’t then fall has already reached you and your wardrobe has already changed. However, as you know I live in the south (North Carolina) and I have been praying for fall weather in order to change my wardrobe.

Most days I struggle, because I want to wear one of my many polka-dotted sweaters, or  striped skirts, or maybe even a simple dress with embroidered stalkings. Nonetheless, it is always too hot and I end up sweating and it ruins my appearance and better yet my MOOD.

Sometimes, during this heat I text my Marine and I request a move, but I am being unrealistic. Although, I  know it is an impossible request,i still manage to complain. However, this morning there was no complaining and I was unable to text or call my Marine and tell him about the beautiful fall weather in the air.

Instead of feeling alone in the cool weather, I went to my closet and I began deciding on a perfect fall outfit. I scraped through my many JCrew sweaters, Loft leggings, among other various clothing items. Then I found the perfect Theory Skirt, Cato leather Jacket, TJMAXX bedazzled Necklace, and Lucky Brand Boots. All of which, I probably purchased on sale!! After, I put the outfit together and put it on I began to feel beautiful.

This feeling is something that I often do not find myself feeling. Most of the time my Marine tells me many times throughout the day, but I am still unable to feel beautiful in all aspects of my life. However, there are those rare moments where I feel beautiful and usually it is when I thoroughly enjoy my outfit or have created something I enjoy.

I know many of you Military wives also have moments where you do not feel beautiful or when you feel gross. However, we must all find something within ourselves that makes us enjoy who we are as women and human beings. I know we can trust our loved ones to always find us beautiful. But, I encourage all of you to take time and find what that thing may be and I challenge you to make a choice in feeling beautiful.

Well I wish you all the best in your search and I hope I get to hear about your choices!!!

Singing Out,

Fashionista/Marine Wife Reporting to Duty!!!


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