Wanna’ be Yogi , Reporting to Duty!

Hey, Hey Heeeeey Everyone!! Hope you all are having a great day. Today, it is beautiful here in NC and my day has begun in a beautiful fashion. I have to admit I do miss my Marine terribly, but it was nice being able to have a morning to myself and not be subconsciously forced to attend his Saturday Morning softball game ( don’t worry I do enjoy the games and watching him play). So instead of church league softball, I was able to have my morning cup of Starbucks Coffee and small slice of bread before I headed to my HOT YOGA CLASS.

My Hot Yoga Journey has been interesting. When I first heard of Hot Yoga I was working at Urban Environments in Chicago, and my boss, Kim Chapman told me about Hot Bikram Yoga’s GREAT POWERS. I often spent many afternoons watching Kim show me the poses and explaining how it would change my life. However, at the time I believed she was “bat-shit crazy” and neurotic. Over and over, I kept asking myself why I would want to be in a room where it is over 96 degrees, sweat my ass off, refuse myself water and force myself into impossible moves/poses.

I have to admit the idea of Hot Yoga or Hot Bikram Yoga seems terrible, but the practice and its rewards ARE Powerful. I began my practice at the beginning of January 2014. When I first took the Hot Yoga class I had sweat running over all areas of my body and I fell out of many of the poses. It was absolutely gross, but when there were moments where I was able to get deeper into a pose or stick the pose it was extremely rewarding.

Now, I practice all forms of yoga and I challenge myself to get better during each practice.  While I was in Knoxville, TN I attended classes at Real Hot Yoga which in my opinion is a more modern and fast pace studio. Now, I practice at A Hopeful Balance in New Bern, NC which again in my opinion is a more  individualized, and therapeutic studio. Both have been great in furthering my practice and I suggest either if you are in either location.

Both studios taught me to accept myself and my practice. This has allowed me to have no judgment (which is a yoga lesson) and that yoga is a personal Journey, as is life. The classes are not only exercise for me but they are my therapy.

Another aspect that has helped me become more comfortable and positive in my Yoga Practice has been my Marine. Through out, the week he works out and PT’s multiple times. Often, I get down on myself, because I am not as athletic or fit as him. However, through out my yoga journey I have learned and accepted that we are different. Also, I have slowly begun to accept and understand that men’s and women’s bodies do work differently when it comes to exercise. I am appreciative that my Marine has helped me learn this and I am grateful that he continues to help me learn.

Today, I challenge all of you to push yourself to do something that you might be afraid of or that you feel you may be unable to complete. I want you to do it without judgment and I want you to share it with someone you love.

Have a fab DAY!!!

Marine Wife Reporting to Duty


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