Homemaker, Reporting to duty!!

Hello Ladies, Happy Monday!!! Hope you all are having a great day. Mine has been going well. However, I would like to admit a nap in my peaceful bedroom and a hug and kiss from my Marine would be fabulous. Nonetheless, I have to be a big girl and work!!

Working is something that comes in many forms. I work at my job and then I work at making my house a home. This job is particularly important to me and has become something that my Marine loves.

Growing up the house I lived in, and the home my parents still live in was made into a home by my mother. Everything in the house is created and chosen with love. The house resembles not only my mother, but she chose pieces that resembles who we are as a family. These things make the home special.

Creating a home is something that I enjoy. I do have a background in Interior Design, but I have grown to understand that designing/decorating a house and creating a home are different. Designing and decorating a home is cosmetic, but creating a home is personal.

I spend many hours finding the special object that goes in each nook of my home. I would like to say that I have one type of style, but I would be lying. I thoroughly enjoy finding items that fit the personalities and love that my Marine and I resemble.

Many times people will come to our home and ask me to recreate what I have done in their own space. However, I try to explain that it is impossible, because everyone’s home should be different and resemble their family and their lifestyle. I am always more then willing to help someone create their own home. Nonetheless, if I was to do it without personally understanding the client, I would only be decorating the home.

Many designers and decorators feel comfortable with  designing and decorating without acknowledging personalities and preferences. I prefer creating an oasis, a place that generates love, comfort and acceptance.

When you began purchasing items for your home you do not have to buy what is popular. You should find items that you develop a connection, that you truly resembles who you are as a person or a family. Then continue to purchase other items that enhance the larger items in your home. Once, you begin this process you will begin to create a space that is welcoming and makes you feel home.

Also, when finding objects for your home you do not need to spend a lot. I find many of my items at antique stores, TJMaxx, Target, on sale at Pottery Barn, Home Goods and anywhere that has great items with great prices.

I would love all of you to post pictures of spaces in your home that feel like home. Then send me photos of other spaces that you dislike and are not making you feel comfortable. I would love to see the differences and then we could work together to create the perfect space.

With Love,

Marine wife reporting to duty


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