Goal Setter, Reporting to Duty!

Today, I feel at peace. There are many days that I struggle with the process of my life. I struggle because I often wonder if I am in the right direction and following my desires. I have never been told that I can not or that I am unable to do something.

I do not only have the benefit of a wonderful supportive family, but the benefit of having a wonderful husband, my Marine. He is great, because he often helps me reach my goals by being selfless and extremely supportive. My Marine works hard everyday in order for me to reach my own goals and the goals we have for each other. Also, my marine often understands that my identity is not only “Marine Wife”, but that I have multiple identities.

However, no matter how driven I am I have days where I struggle. I struggle with choosing who I want to be. Nonetheless, I should realize and accept that I do not have control over every aspect in my life. OHH, and believe me I try to have all the control, but I need to open my eyes and accept that I may need to allow my life to float with the wind.

I should accept what God, my Marine and my family has given me. I believe this is not only a struggle for me, but several woman in this world. Many woman only believe that they should identify with only one title. This makes all of us feel like we have failed in some areas of our life. This feeling can be daunting!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like for each of you to list all of your identities and make goals for each one of them. We do not have to choose one and we can complete everything we put our minds to. I wish you the best of luck!!

With Love,

Marine Wife Reporting to Duty.


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