Stripes and Polka Dot LOVER , Reporting to Duty!

Clothes make me happy and sometimes clothes even make me sad. However, when they fit perfectly I feel great! But when there is either stripes, polka dots or both I feel beautiful and my outfit is complete. I want to take a minute and examine the difference between striped and polka dots. I believe that stripes are … Continue reading Stripes and Polka Dot LOVER , Reporting to Duty!


Observer, Reporting to Duty.

From the first day that we take our first breath, until the day we take our last we all observe others. Observing other teaches us our manners, how to speak, and walk, and how we should act in public and how we treat others. Observing creates who we are as a person. Some people observe subconsciously and some observe … Continue reading Observer, Reporting to Duty.