Observer, Reporting to Duty.

From the first day that we take our first breath, until the day we take our last we all observe others. Observing other teaches us our manners, how to speak, and walk, and how we should act in public and how we treat others. Observing creates who we are as a person.

Some people observe subconsciously and some observe consciously. I would consider myself a conscious observer. I enjoy watching others and seeing how they will respond to different situations. If I had to create a list of my favorite activities I would say, sitting on a bench in the mall watching people.

Watching others has helped me create a conscious understanding of how humans treat each other and their reactions. Many people are rude to others, but are never able to recognize their behaviors. Some are rude and instantly feel the remorse. This works the same with kindness, empathy and embrace.

The behavior I always encourage others to use is to be self-aware. Understand who you are as a person swimming through this thing we call life. The more self-aware each of us become the more we are able to understand what we should and should not do. We will begin to understand; just because it is socially accepted does not mean that it is RIGHT.

As we end our Saturday evening I would love for each of you to observe who you are in your own life. Take mental notes and become more conscious. This small task will eventually become a life lesson.

With Love,

Marine Wife Reporting to Duty!!


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