Stripes and Polka Dot LOVER , Reporting to Duty!

Clothes make me happy and sometimes clothes even make me sad. However, when they fit perfectly I feel great! But when there is either stripes, polka dots or both I feel beautiful and my outfit is complete.

I want to take a minute and examine the difference between striped and polka dots. I believe that stripes are more organized, and structured. They have a specific pattern that they follow and rarely do they very. If they do vary there is an organized pattern. Stripes are often recognized as sophisticated, and preppy.

Stripes represent the structured part of my mind, the left side of my brain. This part of my mind feeds off of understand what is expected, and knowing the direction I will take. Stripes put my mind at ease in knowing that I can always count on them to be exactly how I imagined.

Polka dots are different than stripes. Polka dots are random, never properly organized and often chaotic. You may have different size polka dots, colors and even placement. Polka dots are often recognized as fun, childish and playful.

Polka dots represent the creative, and fun part of my brain. Also, recognized as the right side of my brain. Polka dots bring a smile to my face. I do enjoy when they are one color or monochromatic, but gold polka dots make my heart smile.

When I put stripes and polka dots together, I feel like I am soothing both sides of my brain. I believe they make me complete.

Now, that I have rambled on about stripes and polka dots I would like for you to figure out what eases your mind and makes you happy. Sometimes we look for the most dynamic things to make us happy, but we forget that the simple things can give us the same feeling.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day and you find what makes you completely happy!!

With Love,

Marine Wife Reporting to Duty!!


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