Amazing 4moms

Amazing 4moms There are many things in life that I enjoy at a cost to make my life easier. Then there are some items I feel are ridiculously overpriced and overrated. I used to think this next product was in the second category. However, today I am going to discuss the 4moms products and how they … Continue reading Amazing 4moms


Mommy in Training

Becoming a mom has been the most wonderful  role I have ever had thus far in my life. However, it has taken some time to fully understand this new life. It has been an adjustment and it wasn't easy understanding who I am as a mom. Honestly, the first few months are a blur. I … Continue reading Mommy in Training

New Mom, Reporting to Duty

I am back, but this time as a new mom to Theodore Edward Miller. I have been very absent, because I have been learning, coping and developing my niche in motherhood. Not that there are millions of you reading, but I do tell myself someone out there reads this or cares. So far motherhood has been … Continue reading New Mom, Reporting to Duty