Amazing 4moms

Amazing 4moms

There are many things in life that I enjoy at a cost to make my life easier. Then there are some items I feel are ridiculously overpriced and overrated. I used to think this next product was in the second category. However, today I am going to discuss the 4moms products and how they have saved my husbands and I’s life….. Or so we think.

When we discovered we were expecting we were overwhelmed with all the things that we THOUGHT we needed to purchase to live with a baby/toddler. Now mind you, when you begin to see the items and the prices you feel overwhelmed and instantly poor. Well this happened to us, and I pretty sure it happens to almost everyone. Luckily, I had my mom and  my big sister to communicate to us what really was NEEDED.


Once, we knew what was needed we were able to regroup and focus on what products we wanted. We went with the products that had the best reviews from the people we knew and the store. Oh, and the best prices. This included a baby swing! All of my life I have heard the importance of a baby swing.

This dates back to when we were little in the 90’s and my parents, aunts and uncles used to call, restarting the baby swing, “cranking the kid”. You might not find this funny, but in my world it is hysterical.  It signifies the sheer importance that a baby swing is VERY critical when simply NOTHING else works.

Sooooo… I had come up with a theme for the babies room, what furniture we were getting and every other product that was needed and my husband ONlY wanted to choose the baby swing. Obviously, he wanted the very new and cool looking 4moms Mommaroo.

This swing has about 5 different directions it swings, make noises and you can hook it up to your phone or iPad to play sounds or music. It also plugs in to an outlet and will go no stop, you don’t have to “crank the kid” because it just GOES.

I still absolutely disagreed because I believed it was too expensive. Well push come to shove, I saved for a few months and on his birthday (what he said he wanted) I surprised him with the swing. Now mind you, I got it off Amazon for a fantastic price using Prime.

However, at this point I was still not convinced of the swing. I thought I had paid too much for something that looked cool and I often cracked jokes. When Theodore arrived it was time to put the swing to use!


There would have been many more sleepless nights, but this swing saved our lives. Theodore was not able to lay flat bc of his conditions and often had terrible tummy issues. This machine was perfect because it was at an angle (adjustable), played his favorite ocean sound and soothed his tummy. We used the 4moms Mommaroo so much, we needed another in the bedroom. So we used a coupon and gift cards at Babies R Us to purchase the Rockaroo.

Yes, we have been sucked in and will use 4moms products with all of our children in the future. We have not had one issue thus far and have not dealt with the company directly. We also have not tried any of the other products, but are very interested. However, I have seen great reviews with those that have worked with the company and hope we have the same experience if it does occur.

Again, I understand that the product is expensive and if you already have something you love stick with it. This is just our personal experience with the 4moms products. I just found it my duty to report our positive experience.



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