image.jpegI have been so MIA…… Our lives have been crazy, we have been everywhere and have got a lot accomplished. Yet, we have learned that we have a lot more to accomplish. Which…. Is LIFE!!

With everything going on sadly our son has been away from his daddy and I from my husband and best friend.

During these times we are away from each other I always remember how greatful I should be during our time together. It makes everything in our lives more special.

Being a military wife is something I was prepared for and already knew what it felt like during all of the years we dated. Being a military-wife-mom is something that has been a learning experience.

It is a job like no other, because during these times you are both mother and father. You recognize how much your partner helped and you miss those little arguments of love.

Nonetheless, the worst part of the job is seeing your partner yearn for your little one and seeing them deeply missing all the little things. So when I say my job is hard, I know their job is harder.

On the positive side I feel bad for the families that never get to experience transcending emotions when they return. When this happens  I get to fall in love all over again. It is like getting a first kiss again, and again.

So As hard as it is that he is away. I have to think of the things that can be looked at as a positive, homecomings, spending time with family, traveling the world, documenting twice as much so I can constantly keep him updated(even though he may not get it immediately.. He gets to experience it through images and videos) and knowing we have a connection that exists across miles and days.

Even though I have bad days, and may feel sad.. I have to report to duty because right now it is just me. So know your not alone military spouses and find peace in the experience!


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