My Love

Yesterday, marked our two year anniversary. I sit here and reminisce on the perfect, exciting, one of a kind day we had two years ago in the Grand Cayman Islands. It was a perfect affair and we had the most spectacular guests.

However, today seems like light years away from that day, and it also seems like it was yesterday.

It was perfect. But even now we are different then we were just TWO years ago.

We have learned a lot in our years together…we have learned how to be lovers, a couple and partners.

It often seems like we have been married for a while because we have been friends for 12 years, and we have now  dated for 9 years. Yes, I am still counting dating years because I believe it is important to “date” your spouse. Dating may now include Theodore, but we make it special.

Also, during these two years we have been on a roller coaster. We have moved to a new town/state, moved homes twice, I became pregnant, lost loved ones, had our son (Theodore) and we have been traveling back and forth from stat to state in order to find answers about Theodore.

As a couple we have had our challenges and this last (almost year) has been one of our challenges. It has been interesting keeping up with Theodore and keeping up with our relationship. Sometimes I felt defeated and over my head. I know that at times I didn’t give enough…

BUT when this happened I know Keith gave more.

When Theodore was first born it was a struggle. Although I have been around children for years I couldn’t manage our unique situation. I visited the doctor several times and they never gave me answers. They continued to tell me everything was OK and I had to communicate all this back to my husband. Sometimes it caused arguments even though we were on the same side…

Then we never had “us” time. Being hundreds of miles away from our families and friends forced us to be lone rangers….and it wasn’t always easy.

We were never able to go to the grocery, bathroom, shower, movies, our to dinner, or even take a nap without one of us being on duty. In the beginning I envied those that could get any help, but I knew because of our choices I had to suck it up and move on….

Now I am thankful that we were partners and were thrown in over our heads. Sometimes it did cause Keith and I to have “stupid” arguments, but with a bit of sleep and our senses we made it through. No…. I still have not been to the movies, had a night without Theodore, or been many places without him BUT I take full responsibility and know this is OUR duty.

Theodore often throws us surprises, but because it was just US for quite some time, we work GREAT as a team.

Being miles and miles away from each other the last few months has been hard. People often ask us where our spouse it, in fear we have split. HOWEVER, it is the opposite, we have decided to be a part from each other because we are a strong couple. We understand what is best and we attack the challenge.

Because of this choice…… we have had answers, real ANSWERS and this we have prayed and yearned for quite some time. These answers have given us a finish line for our distant (in miles) relationship and showed us the benefits of our struggles. We are grateful!

Sooo… as I think back on the two years I see how we have grown IMMENSELY….

and know that in the future we don’t have to be scared of the unknown. This makes me happy when I think about how we will build our relationship over our lifetime.

I am so thankful I get to do life with such a strong and brave man.

Our relationship is unique, but it is ours. I never expect anyone to understand our relationship and I hope no one ever judges. I believe that all relationships have their secrets and often we do not know the full story. I know and understand that no love story is perfect……BUT

I know our story and I know it is special.

I will Report to Duty, in respecting and protecting the love I have. I will make time to enjoy our special and unique bond. I will love more today than I did yesterday. I will love in sickness and in health, until death do us part.

Until next time,

Reporting to Duty




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