Firsts, The Fourth and Our Friendship

I have been MIA and it has been wonderful!

Theodore and I took a trip to see daddy, my love and my best friend in North Carolina. We all spent some great one-on-one time together.

We escaped doctors visits, therapy and added the ocean and the pool to our daily routine.

All of this sounds easier than it actually is, because we still spoke to doctors and worked on therapy every day. Now at 11 months old we are understanding of what is needed and what has to take place to keep Theodore on his toes( well getting him to be on his toes).

With Theodore some routine is necessary and other routine he develops on  his own, based on how he is feeling. Sometimes the transition is a bit hard for him and it affects his immune system and breathing. Now that we are WORLD Travelers…wink wink….we know what is needed and necessary. Let me tell you, this was not always the case….

After many struggles and strides we now understand and are more calm as we wait for him to develop an understanding of where we are(in the world) and how is routine benefits him. We are glad because we are many places and have a few BIG changes happening over the next several months.

Luckily, Theodore has been adapting to some of these changes well, with his schedule.

While we were at our other home in North Carolina we tried to work on the #babymiller2 nursery/bedroom. This included several trips to Hobby Lobby, Target and Babies RUS….I would like to say the room is complete BUT it’s not…..

Instead I snuggled with Theodore, laughed with Keith, went to the pool and mossied to the beach and READ…an actual book which I have not done since WAAAAAAAY before Theodore was born and it felt wonderful to do nothing.

There are many loose ends and HONESTLY the freak inside of me is CALM….I KNOW RIGHT…but I have to accept the peace and know it will be done…well Hopefully, it will be done.

While we were visiting with daddy, Theodore had MANY FIRSTS…

His FIRST big boy haircut….went off without a hitch…I was fearful the clippers would scare him, but it was the opposite…Loved the clippers and hated the scissors. Now he just looks even more handsome and I didn’t know that was possible.

His FIRST time saying MAMA and DADA…Yes, it was wonderful!! He said MAMA first and then started rhyming everything and ended up at DADA…plus now we say..lala, nana, gaga and many other rhymes. Recently he has started making SSSS sounds…I feel he will talk before he walks.

His FIRST Fourth of July…Yes this time last year I was a mere 36 weeks pregnant lounging in a baby pool wondering about his arrival. This year we enjoyed a fun day at the ocean playing in the sand, taking beach naps and splashing the water…Wow what a year brings!!

His FIRST fireworks show…I was terrified..Theodore has some issues with low loud noises and I was fearful he would HATE the fireworks…Nonetheless, he proved me wrong AGAIN….Before we even sat down in our chairs the fireworks began and he started squealing with JOY and Excitement…he did this the entire time and when the finale began he was so excited he clapped!!!

His FIRST time clapping his hands…YES we have been working on this since day ONE. As a baby with low muscle tone it takes a lot of energy to hold his arms out or up. Clapping was always physically impossible and we often could see the struggle in his eyes when he wanted to try. What started out as only reaching in from of him has developed to clapping. Yes, it is still very slow and makes no noise but maybe to a humming bird but he claps!! This is a HUGE accomplishment in our world.

After many firsts and two and a half weeks home it was time to leave. We were all so sad, but knew it was back to the grind for a few more weeks. Before it was time to leave, Keith and I reminisced over the past 2 weeks. Then moved on to the past 11 months and our joys, sadness and strengths. We have had to push and pull on each other a lot, and although it has been a struggle we know it has been for the best. We know that because of our sacrifices Theodore has been able to prosper and this was and will be our goal.

Theodore has reached many FIRSTS and will continue to reach many as Keith and I work as a team and best friends. It is not always perfect, but we will Report to Duty, in ensuring our relationship and our children come first.

Until Next Time,

Reporting to Duty



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