To Theodore, Our First Born.

In a little over a week you will no longer be an only child. Your short 13 month span as an only child is coming to an end. However, you will always be our first.

A little over 22 months ago we discovered you were on your way. Our prayer was answered quickly, and we fumbled around getting things together for your debut!

For those nine months I carried you, I prayed for your health and safety. I never really cared if you were a boy or girl, but that you would come into this world knowing you were loved.

The day you arrived was scary, stressful and tiring but when I first met you I knew you were special. These last 13 months have been the hardest and most gratifying months of my life.

You were the little boy that made me a mommy.

I thought I knew how the job was done, but I actually had no clue. It was you that showed me I could learn. You were patient when I needed some more time to figure things out and you understood I would eventually learn.

Also, before you came I was not a patient person (it was something I often prayed for). Often I still struggle, but it was you that showed me,at times, I can have the patience of a saint.

You showed me that I can have more than one goal path and that surprises come in all forms. You taught me that I am to always trust my instincts, that your kisses can heal my pain and that breathing isn’t the same without you in this world.

When you came into this world I did my hair less, rarely wore makeup, shopped less, and wore yoga pants more, but you taught me a great deal. Scared and worried in the beginning about motherhood and change, I now understand the old me could have NEVER handled this past year.

You showed me the world from yet another perspective. You helped me grow…….

I worry about these next couple months because, I don’t want you to feel neglected or left behind. I am expecting this to be different and I pray you are resilient( as we have seen time and time again).

I know you will be the best big brother and you will continue to teach us all. You are unique and rare and we are greatfull to have you as our first born.

Please be patient with us my dear first born son, and know I will always be greatfull to you.

Things may never be perfect, but together we have formed the perfect team. I will love you more than you will ever know. I will, Report to Duty, EVERYDAY to be your mother. I will try to teach you all I know and allow you to prosper. Things will never be perfect, I may struggle, but I will try my hardest.

You will always be my first and that will always be special.

I love you to infinity and beyond Theodore.
Until Next Time,

Reporting to Duty (your mommy)



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