My Body and 2 Babies

Today I started to try on pre-pregnancy pants…..That was not smart!

It involved a lot of sighing, frustration, fear, sweating and maybe a few tears. Then I collected my crazy and talked myself out of these feelings.

I recognized that I needed time and pulled myself back to reality. Then threw on a dress.

In the last 24 months I have been pregnant for 18+ of those months!!!(yes I am a believer that pregnancy is longer than 9 months… for me I always go to 40+ weeks).

I am proud of my body and thankful for our two handsome, smart and wonderful boys.

Nonetheless, every part of my body has stretched, moved, relocated AND… I have a wonderful incision/scar on my lower belly that makes things even more tricky.

AND most of this transformation took about 9+months soooo………

WHY did I think I would fit into my pre-pregnancy pants just a week after giving birth…Well because I thought it was EXPECTED.

WHY did I get frustrated with myself because those pants didn’t fit….Well because I thought it was EXPECTED.

BUT…if it take 9+months to move itself, shouldn’t I have a little more than 1 week for it to move itself back????

In this world of social media and JUDGING we see celebrities, models and society tell us that we are supposed to fit in our pre-pregnancy pants immediately. When this doesn’t happen many of us feel sad, depressed and even frustrated.

BUT we must remember we are all different and fitting into those pants is not always realistic. (However, I am real proud of those who can)

As a mom of two I must be realistic with myself. I must understand that it is not realistic for ME to fit into all of my pre-pregnancy pants. Instead of calling my bigger pants, “fat pants” I should call them my “mom pants” and I SHOULD FEEL PROUD.

Personally….. I will skip pants all together and just wear dresses. 1. Because they are easier and more comfortable. 2. Because most of my dresses make me feel beautiful. 3. Most of them fit ME waaaaaaay better than my pants.

Wear and do what makes you feel comfortable. Set realistic goals. Have a plan. Don’t get overwhelmed and know you are beautiful. Splurge at times and LOVE YOURSELF. BE PROUD.

This is a topic that is often stressed about but something that I feel is not discussed from a healthy perspective.

From now on, I will, Report to Duty, in loving myself. I will try to love the NEW ME and I will work at getting to the BEST ME. I will appreciate my body for growing two unique, smart and handsome boys. I will promise not to try on my pre-pregnancy pants until I am actually ready.

My wish is for all mom’s, and new mom’s is to love yourself and be the best you. And…..for goodness sakes DO NOT try on the pre-pregnancy pants a week after giving birth.

Until Next time,

Reporting to Duty



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