My Sunscreen Review. 

I have been wearing sunscreen since I was teeny tiny. I know most of us have been but I was pretty much see through, so it was important. 

I used to hate sunscreen, like scream the entire time they put it on me…. and sometimes I began a fit before they started smearing it on. 
You couldn’t miss a spot on my body or else I would fry. You ask how that could happen but it has and that one spot you miss somehow finds the sun and gets toasted. Soo they put it on me in the nude…. HOW FUN!! 

Also, because of my sensitive skin and it was the early 90’s many lotions irritated my skin or caused sun poisoning. This wasn’t anyone’s fault it was just what was available at the time. 

This experience has made me very picky about the sunscreen I put on as an adult and the sunscreen we put on our children. 

But in my eyes we had to find the “perfect” sunscreen. 

When Theodore was of right age, I got really worried about what we put on him. I wasn’t sure if something would affect his breathing or interact with his Chromosome deletion. I worried. We did our research and tried finding what was “acceptable” or “safe”. 

We do try to focus on keeping them in the shade and protected from the sun. We put hats and swim trunks on them that include SPF 50, but YES we also use sunscreen on our babes. 

Obliviously I am not a doctor but I am going to just give you my perspective and what I have learned from our docotor, research and experience. 

I knew we were NOT going to use aerosol sunscreen. I hate the smell and knew it couldn’t be safe. Theodore already had breathing issues and I knew that aerosol could not be good for little ones. Then I read aerosol sunscreen can get into their tiny lungs and the chemicals can affect them negatively. Plus they say aerosol doesn’t get great coverage…… So, this was not an option.

Next we made sure none of the products we used had oxybenzone, or retinal palmitate… Now, I didn’t just come up with these chemicals on my own, nor could I remember them without my research in front of me……BUT the first is a hormone distributor and the other could cause sun sensitivity… so watch out. 

Some sunscreens we tried were too thick, some made his skin break out, others made his eye swell up. When this occurred I became very worried. We stopped trying what others worked and focused on what would work for him. 

Then I decided to put on him what I had the best experience with myself during pregnancy. This was Neutrogena Clear Sheer. We have tried SPF 30 and 45 and from my experience that is the strongest you need. You just need to make sure you reapply every couple hours to keep from burning or sun damage. 

This particular sunscreen is significantly light, doesn’t have a strong smell and has never broke me out.  It is also “Broadspectrum” meaning it protects you from UVA and UVB…..which in my standards is pretty great!! 

When I tried this on Theodore I noticed the same, it went on smooth and he had no issues. No breakouts and no eye swelling. When the the time came I tried the same on Oliver and again, GREAT!!! 

This sunscreen is fantastic! 

The only other kind we have tried Neutrogena Pure & Free. This is 50 SPF and I purchased it because I wanted something stronger for Oliver because he is more fair. This particular kind is thicker and very hard to put on, the boys hate it BUT is does great at protecting their skin. This particular sunscreen doesn’t have a smell and doesn’t break either of the boys out. 

Reviews say anything stronger than 50 is unnecessary… because it “gives people a false sense of security”… again just remember to reapply every couple hours. 

The only other product we use on the babes is the Coppertone Sunscreen Stick. This product has been in my beach bag since I was little and will be for a long time coming . 

It is great for little faces, particularly the nose and ears because it doesn’t run off. It also needs to be reapplied occasionally but it “Sticks”. It contains no harmful chemicals and has worked great. 

We will stick with Neutrogena Clear Sheer  and Neutrogena Pure & Free because how smooth and easy it is applied, and how protected it keeps our babes. As of now I have only spotted these  particular lotions in this brand in SPF 30, 45 and 50 which works for us but may not work for others. 

All of these products I have mentioned you can find at most drug stores, and big box stores for example: Target , Wal-Mart , Walgreen’s etc etc. 

I hope you all do your research and are able to find a great sunscreen to keep you and your kiddos safe from the sun. I want this one to be a great summer for you all and I want you all to be safe from the sun and harmful CHEMICALS.  Definitely, be careful and read what is in the product. A product that works for us may not work for you and your family. 

I will, Report to Duty, and keep my kids and loved one safe in the sun!!

Until Next Time
Reporting to Duty

Beach Life & The Complications 

As parents, everything we do takes time. Those who have children, more specifically small children, or children with special needs understand this task. 

Nothing, is easy anymore and even going to the bathroom could cause a meltdown.

This process never stops it becomes a part of everything you do, anywhere you go.

I think it gets easier.

It is that time of year again where the beach becomes our second home. 

The beach has always been a favorite spot of ours. I have been going since I was little and both the boys have been to the beach since they were just a few weeks old.

Taking a baby on the go and one toddler with special needs it is a great deal of work, but it still manages to be a special place. 

Nonetheless, is has had its moments.

When Theodore was a year old we had a beach incident. Although, we had been a million times he still managed to spice things up. 

This particular time he ended up in the sand face first, all because he wiggled out of his seat. He had sand in his mouth and throat. He was not breathing and barely responding.  

9-1-1 was called.

Finally, we were able to get the sand out and he came back to us. What was probably only a minute, felt like a bajillion and his life flashed before our eyes. 

These fearful things can happen right in front of you. It happened to us. We were simply setting up the umbrella and he decided he didn’t want to be in his seat anymore. Although, we were right there I know we weren’t fast enough. I know we could have done more. I know we could have been watching him closer.

Most children would have been able to get themselves out of this incident, but because Theodore was so small and weak he wasn’t able to save himself. 

I’m thankful we were there. I’m thankful we decided accidents happen. I’m thankful we continue to face our fears and head to the beach. 

I fear many incidents and daily tasks, but I can’t let my fear keep us from showing the boys the world. Although, I still have fear, I have a new found joy for the beach.

As if I didn’t love it before, I now have found it more special. It has become special because I see their joy. 

The boys have changed our beach routine.

Sometimes heading to the beach takes forever, and other times we work like a well oiled machine. Each of us has a job, we always pack everything including the kitchen sink……. BUT we love their excitement of the sand and the sea.

Both of them love the beach in their own ways.

This is good for my soul.

Oliver is everywhere, eating the sand, digging with his hands, nothing hold him down and this will continue as he grows.

Theodore loves the sand between his toes, and throwing his toys in the sand. He is now getting stronger and I trust him a little more around the sand, but I still fear. 

Oliver loves the rushing water on his bum and Theodore loves being in the waves. 

They both love the sound of the ocean and beach naps.

I am thankful I get to watch their joy grow. I am anticipating when they will start making their way down the beach and when they will begin exploring sea life in all its beauties. Sometimes, I wonder what this will look like for Theodore, but I have to stay hopeful his strength will come. 

I will, Report to Duty, in pushing aside fear and focusing on the joy. I will continue to take them to the beach and share this love. I will teach them and promote exploration. I will surpass my anxieties and I will show them the world. 

I hope you all can do the same. 

Until Next Time,

Reporting to Duty