Update: All About Oliver Earle! 

A little check in on our “squish”. Oliver Earle is growing like a weed. His blonde hair, blue eyes, personality, and chubby cheeks will win your heart. 

 He so special to us and I am so thankful everyday for each of our boys and amazed at how each make my heart GROW. I never knew I could love so much!! 

Sadly or excitedly Oliver is already ten months old !! I am in shock and I feel like he has been here for a lifetime. BUT…..At the same time I feel like time has passed quickly. 

This little boy is so WILD, joyous and kind hearted. He will climb out of anything, crawl over any object and push anything over to get where he is going. This little boy is a bruiser. BUT….He still loves snuggle( kinda) and holding your hand. 

However, he has the sweetest heart. If you tell him “NO” he cries and if you give him the look he will pucker up and start to wail. His smile will melt your heart and his giggle can warm the room. His heart is so big and he loves hard! 

Oliver is meeting so many milestones and we can not wait to continue watching him grow.

He is speed crawling, getting bruises, eating big boy food, learning how to feed himself, practicing drinking from a cup, sleeping like a champ, gliding from object to object, bear crawling, putting his face in the water, eating sand and repeating so many words. 

He is silly and makes all sorts of noises and he is sweet when he puckers up his lips for smooches. He loves his big brother, his “dada” and I think he only tolerates me. 

Oliver has kept us on our toes. He is significantly different from Theodore and it is wonderful. Their differences sometimes make our lives a mystery but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Sometimes, I am not prepared for his wild nature but he has taught us all how to adapt. He has taught us so much and he has pushed Theodore to want more. 

Although, we want him to be our baby forever it is time to plan his first birthday. I know he may not remember but I want it to be special. Sooo… for now I will be deciding what cake we will have, if there will be decorations, what we may do, the pictures, the details and the outfit. It may be our little family celebrating but I want him to feel just as special. So please send ideas our way!!

Although, I want to cry in a corner while holding him like a baby, I know I have to let him flourish and be his own! 

So for now I will be, Reporting to Duty, while savoring his sweet smell, his little chubby legs, his stubby little toes and his little boy heart.   
BTW: If anyone has some birthday ideas for a little boy party please let me know! I seem stumped!! 

Until Next Time
Reporting to Duty


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