We’re MOVING!! 

Yes, it is TRUE. We are packing up our things and heading due NORTH!! 

It has taken a bit longer than expected and now that we have received orders we will be rushing around.

We had a moving plan, and then the Marine Corps had another plan. 

They wanted to send us to JAPAN……. 

EEEEEK….before being a mommy to a special needs child I would have had my bags packed and ready to jump on a plan in a matter of MINUTES!

BUT…..Now we have a lot to consider.

We knew Theodore could not go, we knew it wouldn’t be possible. We knew he wouldn’t have the doctors and treatments he needs. So after a TON of paperwork they FINALLY realized the severity of Theodore’s health issues AND realized Japan wasn’t an option for our entire family. 

Then they decided they were going to send just Keith, and then they weren’t sending Keith. 

After some emails, tears, prayers, more emails and more paperwork and a few more tears the Marine Corps decided they were on board with our plan….SHOCKING RIGHT??


Our new home will be Petersburg, Virginia it is about 20 minutes south of Richmond, VA. We will be living on Fort Lee, Army Post! 

This will be different in A LOT of ways for us. 

1. The move is SCARY because we will be moving to an Army POST, yes not a Marine base. This will be interesting and I know it will be a learning lesson. If you all are wondering WHY a post, it is because Keith will be teaching his MOS to Marines, And SOLDIERS. His particular MOS teaches at Fort Lee, so that is where we are headed. If you all know the military and the relationships, MARINES and SOLDIERS don’t always have the best kinship, so being on a POST as a Marine Family will be interesting and quite a learning experience. WISH us luck!! 

2. We will be leaving the home we brought the boys home to after they were both born. We will be painting over their walls and taking down the decorations that made this house a home. We will be saying good-bye to the kitchen sink where they each bathed for the first time, we will be saying see ya later to the bathrooms and tubs that showed both of our boys how to feel safe in water, and adios to the bedroom that we spent late nights and early morning consoling our babies and showing them they are loved. We will miss this home but I know we will make new memories in our “new” home. 

3. We will be saying good-bye to the Pediatrician that said you would join our team and fight with us! She has taken into consideration every thought and idea. She has fought every pneumonia spell, every bump and bruise, she has went above and beyond to get us into doctors and she has been just a good listening ear. She will always be in our phone book and she will always be our friend! 

4. We will be leaving the therapists that have helped Theodore to roll over, weight bare, use a cup, chew, speak, pull to standing and how to use a walker. These women mean the world to us and finding “new” therapists has given me quite a bit of anxiety, but I am sure the “new” set will do great. Nonetheless, they do have a high bar set for them!! 

5. We will be leaving the location that we made our FIRST HOME after we were married. It is a special place as we have been through hard times and really really great times here in coastal North Carolina.

6. We will be leaving the friends we have made. It not has been many, but those that we have met have been pretty great supports! So meeting new people and making new friends is always scary and super hard. 

7. We will be leaving the BEACH!! 🌊☀️If you know me well you know I love the sand between my toes and the sound of the waves. The beach has been a special place for us to unwind and create memories with our boys. We have a special place and we will always remember it. Someday, we will come back to tell our stories and make new memories! 

Although, I am STRESSED to the max because we have a lot to put together, clean and pack away in the next FOUR WEEKS!! I have to look at the positives!!

1. Moving is always a HUGE purge!! Clothes, shoes, kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom all get a good cleaning and Goodwill and the Salvation Art should be ready!! 

2. Petersburg, Virginia is closer to family. Instead of 14 hours we will be about 9-10 hours away! Hallelujah!!!

3. We will get to experience more season! Yes it is still a “Southern” State but I hear we will get more of a change in the weather!! 

4. Theodore will keep many of his specialists at Duke ( bc they will still only be 2.5 hrs away) and there is a ton of other FANTASTIC medical facilities that will be near us and that should be helpful! 

5. We get to explore another part of the United States and create more memories in another location. We hear there are many festival, activities and fun family things to do, so we are excited for exploring. 

Moving is always scary and exciting, wrapped together. Honestly, it can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster. BUT……This will be our first move as a family and I am ready for this journey. 

We have significantly more stuff than the last time we moved, but I am trying to keep it all under crontrol and focus on the positives. 

This being…Keith doing a job in the Marine Corps that he has wanted for quite some time, being closer to family, new experiences, building Theodore’s medical team, and making our new house a home for NEW MEMORIES!!

Over the next few weeks, I will be Reporting to Duty at several jobs! And I will try to keep calm and focus on the experience. 

P.S. you all are always welcome to come visit our new home!! 

Until Next Time,

Reporting to Duty



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