New Year, New Goals!!

New year, new blog, new goals….AND MORE COFFEE..

I am I interrupting your day with this simple photo because it is very fresh and exciting to me. Mainly because of the blank calendar. It looks so fresh, so wonderful……and so so new!!

I will be forever grateful to our accomplishments in 2017. I will cherish the memories and always remember the milestones, the moves, the hospital visits, the learned lessons and the love 2017 gave us!

Nonetheless, this New Year comes with a new calendar that symbolizes so many fresh new starts and so many new GOAL opportunities.

This year I am going away from “New Year Resolutions” and working on being “GOAL DIGGER.”

I wanted to make a switch this year because resolutions, to me, are finite ….I either complete them or I don’t and when this happens I become overwhelmed and frustrated. Generally, I feel like I have failed myself.

On the other hand, GOALS, have more room for change, more room to evolve. There is no right or wrong approach, and that perspective is refreshing.

My plan for goals this year it to write each of them down and list them in order of importance. When I am tired or feeling like I am failing a particular goal I can give that goal a break and work towards another. Goals are more flexible and comforting to my personality.

Also, goals can be about ANYTHING absolutely ANYTHING!!!

Your choice!!

Also, I love that I can make goals with Keith, and we can create goals for ourselves, our family and our relationship.

Something wonderful about goals is sharing them with your spouse. I think making realistic goals with your spouse shows them where you want to go within the year, it helps you both understand where you need support, and sharing goals allows you to both have a similar focus. It keeps you on the same page with each other, and for us, that is important!!

Keith and I made several and it led to such a wonderful conversation about the year. We discussed goals about our life, careers, our relationship and our family and I promise I will share one below.

A good amount of the small squares on this calendar will be filled with doctor appointments, therapy sessions, paperwork due dates, and several other appointments that we have to pencil in every month. However, so many of those spaces will be empty and I know my approach is to fill those days with love, family and working towards my goals.

So with this calendar and my journal ready I am going to tell you a few of my TOP FIVE GOALS for 2018:

1. My first goal is a family goal. Keith and I both discussed that we want to be more present with each other and the boys. When we spend time together we want to put away the distractions and focus on each other.

This is special to me because we both agreed how important our relationship is with each. We decided we always have room to grow stronger and one way o so this is to always put each other first. We are always together so sometimes we are less aware of just how special that is, and this year we want to be more aware and present.

1. My second goal is to work on being less frustrated when plans fall through. This is HUGE for me because I plan everything. It keeps me sane. YES, although I seem like a frantic mess pretty much everyday…..I do try to plan everything. I mean EVERYTHING…… I Meal plan, day plan, doctor plans, trip plan, activity plan, outfit plan, bath plan, etc etc etc…

I need to be OK when something happens and my plans fall through. I need to be better at understanding that instances happen that are outside of my control, that sometimes messes occur, dinner gets canceled, and that kids get sick.

Also, I need to be better at how I react when these things happen. I need to understand that these things are generally not in my husbands control and that I can’t always take my anger/frustration out on him…..


3. My third goal is to work harder on my blog. I want to gain more readers, followers and maybe even start working with more brands. As a stay at home mom finding time to write and reach out between feeding, diapers changes, therapy, naps laundry and meals I will say I is a struggle BUT NO EXCUSES… I am going to grind harder.

4. My fourth goal follows the third goal. I am going to be less fearful of judgment. If I plan on putting myself out there in the mom blogging world then I need to ignore the judgement of myself and others. My original plan for blogging was to share our story, to advocate for Theodore, and to help others ….soooooo.. I am going to continue and push forward!!

5. My fifth goal is to be more happy with just being. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with where I think I should be personally, physically, in my relationships and even in the days. I need to be more understanding of the process, be happy and enjoy just being me in the moment. I think this may be the hardest of all but I am going to try.

I hope my empty calendar and a few of my top five goals gets you motivated for the new year. I hope you all create your own goals and even feel comfortable enough to share them with others. I hear that helps…😉

This year, I will be Reporting to Duty as a GOAL DIGGER and I hope you all will do the same! I would love to hear son of your goals too!!

Until Next Time,

Reporting to Duty



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