Picture “Perfect”??

Each day I struggle with wanting to take the “perfect” photo or deciding whether or not the blurry, unorganized messy photo is better.

On social media, particularly Instagram I swear some of the insta-bloggers should win awards. Their photos are immaculate and I stare at them in awe! I just don’t know how they do it…

In my head I want that, but honestly I don’t think I have the stamina to try and get the boys to sit still. Theodore and Oliver barely sit in their high chairs for meals, and they are strapped in!!!

Sooo …..truly I don’t see myself reaching perfect photo status anytime soon. So for now I will cherish the filtered, blurry, bad lighting photos that I snap in a millisecond before the boys move, cry, scream and get annoyed.

Plus isn’t perfect boring????

Let’s get real …when I take a photo I want it to capture a memory. I want to look back at these photos and remember LIFE in that exact moment. I want to remember what we were doing, how we got there, what house were we in, how long took to get the photo, how many teeth the boys had, etc, etc…and most importantly I want to see their personality.

I want to see us, as we were, in that moment.

It takes so much courage for me to post these messy, crazy photos because I am sharing our real life. I think this shows a vulnerability.

Honestly, a perfect staged photo, for me, would be easier to post because it would make me feel in control. I would be able to hide some of the everyday struggles, and that would put me in a comfort zone.

Nonetheless, that is not what I want to show you, my readers, my followers. So instead my goal is to post imperfectly perfect photos.

Our truth.

On this journey I want to share our real life and show others that those ARE the best photos. I want all of you to always know my door is always open to honesty, growth and a willingness to explore the mess we call LIFE. I want other moms and families to know that live IS crazy, wild, messy, AND EMOTIONAL!

Sooo….. if you are looking for perfect staged and edited photos here …. your looking in the wrong place. BUT if your looking for chaos, blurred photos and HONESTY you came to the right place.

My photos may still consist of time, tears, laughter, fighting and frustration as I chase them around the room or find them in the wrong place but they are MINE.

I will be, Reporting to Duty, as an amateur mom with a phone camera. I will try to share the best and the WORST moments of our lives. I will work on sharing the truth about the life of a special needs family. AND I want you all to try and do the same. Embrace the chaos, the mess, the struggles and grow. So take the damn photo moms AND dads, just take the photo!!!!

Until Next Time,

Reporting to Duty



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