Diaper Bag Wisdom.

Some may find this boring and others may revel in the excitement with me, but I am going to tell you about my all time favorite diaper bag for two Little’s.

I mean Mother’s Day is coming so BUY YOURSELF something!! I DARE YOU!!!!

I have used a few. One of them has been a designer diaper bag, which I dreamed about for way to long and paid way to much. Kate Spade Please just stick to purses, wallets and jewelry because although I love your items your diaper bags need some work.

This particular bag was not able to carry a lot of weight. Although the idea of its functionality was great when you actually put the bag to work it fell apart. So sad.

Then we switched to an L.L. Bean large tote because I knew the durability would be great. However, it also did not meet my standards. There were not enough pockets or inserts for items to be placed and everything got lost in the bottom of the bag. Then it didn’t have a strap that would go around the stroller handle. So it also had to go…Bye, Bye Bye….

So then tried a few others….a backpack, a duffle etc etc.

Until one day I decided to try a  Vera Bradley weekender bag. This bag changed our lives!!

Literally, I am able to pack up all our needs and our lives in ONE bag without packing a suitcase. It has multiple pockets on the inside and multiple pockets on the outside. It stretches when it needs to get bigger and shrinks when you want it smaller.

It is my very own Mary Poppins carpet bag!!

And I can even choose my own PATTERN WOW!

For us I want a little more compartmentalization to keep things a tad more organized. To get the job done we purchased the Vera Bradley “medium zip cosmetic” pouch for the boys’ food because it is lined for a mess free storage. Then I “had to have” and insulated bag for bottles. So I purchased the Vera Bradley “lunch bunch” bag for an insulated and separate space for their bottles.

Both of these pouches, plus spare clothes, shoes, diapers, snacks, wipes, Theodore’s braces, chew toys, glasses, my wallet, iPad, phone and a medicine bag all fits IN the “weekender” bag and ZIPS with ease.

AND all of them can be thrown in the WASHER!!!


Plus the bag has handles that can be held, can sit in the crevice of your arm or even be placed over your shoulder. And BONUS it has a long strap that allows the bag to fit over a DOUBLE STROLLER or be worn crossbody!! 😳

I know, I KNOW it is Aaaamazing!!

Ok, so RUN I won’t blame you if you don’t finish the rest of my blog!!! Go GO GO!!!

Now the price can be pretty steep. You are looking at $180-200 with tax for all three pieces. I have only purchased them on sale because any penny we save helps! I look for mine at our base store on sale and hopefully even an extra percentage off, but I have seen them on many many sites for a great deal! Please do your research before you purchase because I am sure you could get a great deal!

I hope some or even ALL of you check this bag out. They are not sponsoring me and this isn’t a paid add this is just me Reporting to Duty for you all. I hate when I have spent money on something that DOES NOT work and I want you all to learn from my experience! Please check it out and once you are done using it as a diaper bag I know it has many many MANY more uses!! So HAPPY MOTHERS DAY…treat yourself ❤️

Until Next Time,


Reporting To Duty


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