Sleep Talk!

Sleep, sleep, sleep....couldn't we all use more sleep. I wish the sandman and I were best friends cause man I wish he could hook me up!! As soon as I lay down something is either psychological or physically pulling at me...and I wish I could wear an eye mask to block it out BUT that … Continue reading Sleep Talk!


Birth Story: Oliver Earle

Oliver Earle Miller,  The day you were born was quite INTERESTING.  And...well.... emotionally draining.  During the entire pregnancy I prayed that I would have a VBAC, but I always knew that they would monitor your growth and make the final decision at the end.  I was praying you would come naturally but you were wanting … Continue reading Birth Story: Oliver Earle

That MOM Style…

That MOM Style....I know I am mixing it up a bit but I feel like I really need to touch on this topic.  This photo taken about 4 months ago, when I was in the midst of baby madness and post-partum craze, and physically now where I wanted to be......BUT it shows the essence of … Continue reading That MOM Style…


Thankful for those TINY little things! 

In all of our lives things become OVERWHELMING. Sometimes we are going too fast, working too hard and concentrating on things too long to see what makes things go, work and turn. I am definitely one of these people.  I am constantly focusing on the BIG goals and the BIG steps we have taken to … Continue reading Thankful for those TINY little things! 


Following MY Journey.

Last week my husband, Keith asked me, when the last time I wrote on my blog. I knew I had been neglecting it and I tried giving a valid excuse, but the wonderful man ( sitting across from me in the hospital) wasn't going to take an excuse. Sadly and honestly I don't remember the … Continue reading Following MY Journey.


Firsts, The Fourth and Our Friendship

I have been MIA and it has been wonderful! Theodore and I took a trip to see daddy, my love and my best friend in North Carolina. We all spent some great one-on-one time together. We escaped doctors visits, therapy and added the ocean and the pool to our daily routine. All of this sounds … Continue reading Firsts, The Fourth and Our Friendship



In my life I have always been a huge fan of reaching milestones. I have always seen them as goals and was adamant about conquering them and doing my best. Don't get me wrong, there were moments where I failed. Nonetheless, I only try to remember the ones I succeeded and only took what I … Continue reading Milestones