Sleep Talk!

Sleep, sleep, sleep....couldn't we all use more sleep. I wish the sandman and I were best friends cause man I wish he could hook me up!! As soon as I lay down something is either psychological or physically pulling at me...and I wish I could wear an eye mask to block it out BUT that … Continue reading Sleep Talk!


Picture “Perfect”??

Each day I struggle with wanting to take the "perfect" photo or deciding whether or not the blurry, unorganized messy photo is better. On social media, particularly Instagram I swear some of the insta-bloggers should win awards. Their photos are immaculate and I stare at them in awe! I just don't know how they do … Continue reading Picture “Perfect”??

New Year, New Goals!!

New year, new blog, new goals....AND MORE COFFEE.. I am I interrupting your day with this simple photo because it is very fresh and exciting to me. Mainly because of the blank calendar. It looks so fresh, so wonderful......and so so new!! I will be forever grateful to our accomplishments in 2017. I will cherish the … Continue reading New Year, New Goals!!


We’re MOVING!! 

Yes, it is TRUE. We are packing up our things and heading due NORTH!!  It has taken a bit longer than expected and now that we have received orders we will be rushing around. We had a moving plan, and then the Marine Corps had another plan.  They wanted to send us to JAPAN.......  EEEEEK....before … Continue reading We’re MOVING!! 


Birth Story: Oliver Earle

Oliver Earle Miller,  The day you were born was quite INTERESTING.  And...well.... emotionally draining.  During the entire pregnancy I prayed that I would have a VBAC, but I always knew that they would monitor your growth and make the final decision at the end.  I was praying you would come naturally but you were wanting … Continue reading Birth Story: Oliver Earle


Summer of Family! 

I feel like summer is winding down and things are slowing down. Although, the air is sweating and the heat has increased I know it will break. I know the Autumn months are coming! I am not YET ready to get out the fall decorations, drink pumpkin spice lattes or put my bathing suit away … Continue reading Summer of Family! 


Update: All About Oliver Earle! 

A little check in on our "squish". Oliver Earle is growing like a weed. His blonde hair, blue eyes, personality, and chubby cheeks will win your heart.   He so special to us and I am so thankful everyday for each of our boys and amazed at how each make my heart GROW. I never knew … Continue reading Update: All About Oliver Earle!