My Sunscreen Review. 

I have been wearing sunscreen since I was teeny tiny. I know most of us have been but I was pretty much see through, so it was important.  I used to hate sunscreen, like scream the entire time they put it on me.... and sometimes I began a fit before they started smearing it on.  … Continue reading My Sunscreen Review. 


Beach Life & The Complications 

As parents, everything we do takes time. Those who have children, more specifically small children, or children with special needs understand this task.  Nothing, is easy anymore and even going to the bathroom could cause a meltdown. This process never stops it becomes a part of everything you do, anywhere you go. I think it gets … Continue reading Beach Life & The Complications 

That MOM Style…

That MOM Style....I know I am mixing it up a bit but I feel like I really need to touch on this topic.  This photo taken about 4 months ago, when I was in the midst of baby madness and post-partum craze, and physically now where I wanted to be......BUT it shows the essence of … Continue reading That MOM Style…


Happy Mother’s Day 

I have had the opportunity to look up to some pretty great mothers in my life. They have taught me a great deal and have showed me unconditional love.  Before becoming a mother I knew I wanted to cherish these role models, and tools of motherhood. BUT.... I also knew I had to make my … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day 


Through Theodore’s Eyes

Over 20 months ago our journey began, in part because we needed more answers to why he wouldn't grab toys or why his eyes "shook".  We thought it was many many scary things but now we have more answers and are making progress towards better health and strength.  On Thursday, we will take an aggressive … Continue reading Through Theodore’s Eyes


The Inevitable Laundry. 

Let us chat... about life. I love talking about my boys but...... I HATE laundry.     Today is a post about how I extremely dislike laundry.  Conflicting because I LOVE the smell of clean clothes. Love, love, love when my sheets are clean smelling a bit like bleach and laundry detergent.  But I hate … Continue reading The Inevitable Laundry. 


Updates, Updates Get Your Updates!! 

It has been forever, I have written so many drafts but have not published anything in quite some time. We have been running around, with appointments and more appointments. I do apologize. Right now we are knee deep in sleep fighting. BOTH boys, I repeat BOTH boys are going through a sleep regression. I am … Continue reading Updates, Updates Get Your Updates!!