Happy Mother’s Day 

I have had the opportunity to look up to some pretty great mothers in my life. They have taught me a great deal and have showed me unconditional love.  Before becoming a mother I knew I wanted to cherish these role models, and tools of motherhood. BUT.... I also knew I had to make my … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day 



Getting ready for Baby Miller #2 has been anything BUT whimsical. Part of the reason why I have been MIA. After vacation and Theodore's first birthday we all came home to North Carolina and hit the ground running. My husband and I were making a good pace, but Theodore decided, yet again, to take his … Continue reading Preparing…

Wanna’ be Yogi , Reporting to Duty!

Hey, Hey Heeeeey Everyone!! Hope you all are having a great day. Today, it is beautiful here in NC and my day has begun in a beautiful fashion. I have to admit I do miss my Marine terribly, but it was nice being able to have a morning to myself and not be subconsciously forced … Continue reading Wanna’ be Yogi , Reporting to Duty!